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What is a peel?

A mini peel, professional peel or prescription peel are all treatments where solutions are applied to the skin to remove dead skin cells at a cellular level and will promote a wound healing response in the skin to stimulate new cellular growth.

Why should I book a treatment?

As we get older, our skin’s cellular cycle (or regeneration) slows down. Skin becomes discoloured, we lose laxity and we age. With peels we can increase the skin’s cellular cycle and improve the skin’s health by restoring balance. These treatments, repeated over time, will result in a healthier, brighter, tighter and more youthful appearance.

Depending on the treatment, I can help to strengthen your skin’s barrier, reducing sensitivity. I can help to lift and fade hyperpigmentation, giving a brighter and even complexion. I can also help to combat and control the skin’s natural sebum (oil) which can build up and cause congestion in oily/breakout prone and acne skin types. Finally everyone wants to stay looking youthful and fresh and these treatments can work to stimulate the skin’s fibroblasts cells, which create collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, to combat lines and wrinkles. I really can help any patient’s concerns.

Who can have a treatment?

Medi-facials are suitable for any age group, from 14 years old with parental consent. Mini peels, professional peels and prescription peels are suitable for over 18’s only.

Where can I have a treatment?

All these treatments can be performed on face and body.

Is one treatment enough?

All our skin treatments will benefit your skin after one treatment, however I will always recommend a course for optimal results to get you to your skin goal. We can discuss this further at your consultation.

Do you sell products for me to use at home?

Yes, I will give recommendations for PCA Skin products to work on your skin concerns at home, if you wish to purchase, then these can be sent directly to your home address, how simple! After all, what touches your skin everyday will support your in clinic treatments and get you to your skin goal quicker. Great skin is a lifestyle choice.

Still not sure what treatment is best suited to you?