Meet Salima

I qualified a very proud dentist in 2008 from King’s College London and have been working in NHS surgeries across London and Devon ever since.

My own fascination with skin began in my teenage years when hormonal acne decided to pay me a visit, those punishing spots affected my own confidence and self-esteem like so many sufferers I know. 

During this time and without the knowledge I harbour now, I was trying every product I could get my hands on, each with the promise of leading me towards ‘perfect, clear and glowing skin’. Let me tell you, there wasn’t a ‘Miracle Cure’ but actually led to more disasters with home recipes, (yes I went there, cringe) and finally the GP recommending harsh drug treatments.

When I qualified as an Aesthetic Practitioner in 2011 from KT Aesthetics Academy, it was my vision to not only help patients achieve their dream skin but also help them feel 100% themselves in their own skin. I want to educate my patients on their skin concerns so they can trust me to provide results orientated advice and solutions backed completely by science.

I decided to partner with PCA Skin, a brand which has over 30 years’ experience as industry experts, share this same vision. Using highly active ingredients, PCA Skin products work deep in the skin to provide clinically proven results both in the treatment room and through daily home care products. 

As I am constantly learning about new treatments that can help my patients (as well as myself), I decided to add the award winning SkinPen Precision Microneedling to the treatment menu due to the extent of clinical studies that were undertaken proving to safely improve acne scarring and wrinkles on the neck.

Whether you are suffering constantly with a skin concern; have tried everything – (with no results), you want to learn how to stay looking youthful, you have an event happening you need to look amazing for or you just want to take that self-care up a level, I have a treatment and product portfolio that is bespoke to any patient I meet, and I can’t wait to meet you!